Attention Community Theater Directors!

Download the application form:

What show(s) would you like to bring to PGLT's next season? Once you know what shows you'd like to submit, please submit this play submission form, available above in two formats, for each play you are submitting for consideration. (Email instructions are at the bottom of this page). We also need a single copy of your directorís resume. For your convenience, you may opt to send these separately from and in advance of the copy (or copies) of the script you need to provide. We require a single digitized copy of the script or 3 paper copies. When we receive your digitized copy of the script or the paper copies (very soon we hope!) we will circulate the script to PGLT's play selection group. Thank you in advance for turning in your submission form(s), resume, and script(s) in advance of the October 1st deadline if at all possible. This allows us to get started with the reading process as soon as we have scripts to distribute. We appreciate it greatly! We hope to be able to make our recommendations to the PGLT board by December to allow selections no later than January. (Please note that digitized copies are destroyed at the end of this process.)

The following shows are those that the PGLT Board has voted on as "plays of great interest." While there is no guarantee that we will produce what is on this list, they have caught our attention as ones we think our audiences will enjoy seeing and will be fun for our casts and production teams. So see if any of these are ones you'd like to pursue with us, or see if they suggest other similar plays you've had in mind -- and know that you are NOT LIMITED to this list!

We of course will consider any plays you have discovered on your own and want to submit in addition to or instead of any of these titles:

The Peacock Season - Otis Bigelow
Beethoven's 10th - Peter Ustinov
Moonlight and Magnolias -Ron Hutchinson
Private Lives - Noel Coward
Picasso at the Lapin Agile - Steve Martin
The Great Gatsby - Simon Levy
Touch and Go - Derek Benfield
The Curious Savage - John Patrick
Blithe Spirit - Noel Coward
Angel Street (Gaslight) - Patrick Hamilton
August: Osage County - Tracy Letts
Wait Until Dark - Frederick Knott
Donít Drink the Water - Woody Allen
Steel Magnolias - Robert Harling

Please promptly email your submission form(s), director’s resume, and script(s) to: Alternatively, you may mail your script(s) along with completed submission form(s) to:

Linda Smith
112 Stonegate Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20905

Contact The 2018-19 Play Selection Chair Linda at or call her at 301-384-4981.

Remember, the final deadline for submissions is October 1, but please don't wait until the last minute if at all possible! Thank you very much!