The Man Who Came To Dinner Auditions

"The Man Who Came To Dinner" by George S. Kauffman and Moss Hart will be our first production of the 2017-18 season. It will be directed by Keith Brown.

Auditions for "The Man Who Came To Dinner" will be held Monday ,August 14th and Tuesday, August 15th 7:30 pm at The Bowie Playhouse (16500 Whitemarsh Park Drive Bowie, MD 20715) with call backs Thursday, August 17th at the New Carrollton Municipal Center (6016 Princess Garden Parkway New Carrollton, MD 20784). Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to sign in and fill out paperwork. No appointment needed. Auditions to consist of cold readings from the script. Rehearsal will also be at the Municipal Center.

Questions? Contact Director Keith Brown at

Performance dates are December 1-16.

Synopsis: Sheridan Whiteside, critic, lecturer, wit, radio orator, intimate friend of the great and near great, met his Waterloo in the shape of a small piece of ice on the doorstep of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley, of Mesalia, Ohio, while trekking across the country on his annual lecture tours. Result: the idol of the air waves rests until further notice in the home of the surprised Mr. and Mrs, Stanley. Possibility: Christmas may be postponed this year. So runs the lead article in the Christmas 1939 issue of Time magazine. Whiteside turns the Stanley household upside down, forcing everyone in town to cater to his egotistical demands. Meanwhile, his beloved secretary has given her notice after falling in love with a local reporter, and Whiteside must engage every weapon in his considerable arsenal of guile and manipulation to keep her in his employ—including blackmail, deceit, and the intervention of a femme fatale actress Lorraine Sheldon and the elegant British wit of playwright Beverly Carlton. A three-ring circus of machinations and celebrity appearances ensues.

Cast of Characters:

Sheridan Whiteside - Male, 50-60 - Based upon Alexander Wollcott, he is an obnoxious, self-centered celebrity. He travels the country as a literary critic, theater critic, radio personality, writer and lecturer. He has multitudes of famous friends and depends upon Maggie to keep his life in order, just the way he likes it. He is quick-witted, often difficult, bigger than life. He is in a wheelchair for most of the play.

Maggie Cutler - Female, 30’s - Whiteside's executive assistant, very businesslike most of the time, but also a romantic who falls in love with Bert Jefferson. Whiteside's private secretary and chief interference runner for the past ten years. In her thirties, she is smart, sarcastic and somewhat cynical, but after she meets Bert Jefferson and begins to date him, she decides that the fast lane with Whiteside is infinitely less preferable than conventional delights of domesticity.

Mr. Ernest W. Stanley - Male, 40-50 Wealthy factory owner, uptight and put out by the audacity of his guest.

Mrs. Stanley (Daisy) - Female, 40’s Always trying to play the hostess, and keep her husband from flying off the handle. She is a sweet but high-strung woman.

Richard Stanley - Male, 18-25 Grown son of Earnest and Daisy, photographer, wishes he could travel and take pictures.

June Stanley - Female, 18-25 Grown daughter of Earnest and Daisy, wants to get married to Sandy who is starting union trouble at the factory.

Harriet Stanley - Female, 50+ Earnest Stanley's eerie sister, floats in and out when Whiteside is alone. She is very odd.

Miss Preen - Female, 25+ Frantic Nurse attending to Whiteside, not enjoying the task of taking care of him. She becomes the constant butt of his insults and name-calling, to which she reacts with routine indignation.

John - Male, 40+ The Stanleys' butler who has been around awhile. A very nice person, efficient and star-struck.

Sarah - Female, 40+ The Stanleys' cook and housekeeper, who has been around awhile. She is very sweet, a great cook and star struck.

Mrs. Dexter - Female, 30+ Visiting society friend of Mrs. Stanley. (Small Role).

Mrs. McCutcheon - Female, 30+ Visiting society friend of Mrs. Stanley. (Small Role.)

Dr. Bradley - Male, 50+ Whiteside's doctor while Whiteside is in Mesalia. He diagnosed Whiteside's injuries in error by looking at the wrong X-rays. He is also a late-blooming author who tries to get Whiteside to read his book, “Forty Years an Ohio Doctor.”

Bert Jefferson - Male, 30s - The owner and editor of the Mesalia Journal. He is smart and a genuinely nice guy. He naïvely allows himself to be lured by Lorraine, not realizing the consequences, only excited that his play might get produced. He is genuinely in love with Maggie.

Professor Metz - Male, 30+ "a strange-looking man," an entomologist. He is the first of three eccentrics to visit Whiteside during his convalescence. He brings the great man a present of a colony of ten thousand roaches.

Sandy - Male, 20s a labor-organizer in Mr. Stanley's factory. In love with Mr. Stanley’s daughter, June.

Lorraine Sheldon - Female, late 20s-40s a snobby, beautiful actress. Based on Gertrude Lawrence. She is the vicious epitome of the glamorous, acid-tongued, superficial superstar. She is busy trying to get Lord Cedric Bottomly to marry her (she wants to be high society). She is always dramatic.

Beverly Carlton - Male, 30s-50s English playwright, actor, songwriter, musician. A Noël Cowardish character who dashes around the world composing and writing plays and being devastatingly charming. He breezes in to visit Whiteside and wish him a "Merry Christmas." Maggie enlists him in an attempt to lure Jefferson away from Lorraine Sheldon, trying to counter Whiteside's attempt to break up her romance. Actor must be able to do a very upper-class British accent.

Banjo - Male - 30s-50s a famous Hollywood comedian, a grown-up adolescent. He is as loony off-screen as on - the Marx brothers all wrapped into one - but he good-heartedly allows himself to be the means by which Maggie can retrieve her happiness. Needs to be comfortable with physical comedy.

Other Roles/notes: Convicts, Walcott, Radio Technicians, Mr. Baker, Delivery men and Deputies are small roles that will be cast. Some of these roles will be doubled - particularly the male roles. Banjo, Metz, Sandy and Beverly may also be doubled up, with one actor playing multiple characters.

Prince George’s Little Theatre, Inc. is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. No roles or positions are paid. Backstage help needed too!